Talk to the island and communicate with the lake
Walk into Yicheng Wan
Opening the story of you and the lake
Share every morning and dusk with your family
Press pause for busy
Slow down and listen to the true voice of the soul
Relaxation and cozy life poetry
It has a winding coastline of about 9.67km
Run around the lake in the morning
Breathe pure fresh oxygen to your heart's content
Start a beautiful day here...
Lian Hua island
Surrounded by water on three sides, it is like a lotus inlaid in a lake. With the season, summer lotus, rape flower, sunflower or marigold bloom in turn. " In the golden September, the crab is the fattest, and the Osmanthus fragrans fragrance overflows".
Meirentui Peninsula
The autumn wind blows slightly, and the lake pats the waterfront. On the lake, there is a delicate jade leg, which reaches into the blue waves of Yangcheng Lake. Beauty legs peninsula, like gentle and lovely girls.
Chongyuan Temple
Lotus on water-Chongyuan Temple, a temple located in the middle of the lake, has a lotus-shaped base under the tower, in which Daxiong Hall covers an area of 2,100m2 and is the largest single building in domestic temples.
Huayi Brothers Movie World
The flagship project of immersive real-life entertainment with the theme of movie IP transcends the entertainment experience of traditional parks, and has many play projects to create retro blocks, integrating interaction, entertainment, fun, culture and technology.
Lianchi Lake Park
Lianchi Lake Park is located at the core of Yangcheng Lake Peninsula. Its overall design is natural, wild and simple, creating a natural "Zen" environment with Jing Ya and simplicity, making it one of the ideal places for surrounding residents and Suzhou citizens to relax and take a nap on holidays.
Suzhou Village
Suzhou Village in Bicester covers an area of about 35,000 ㎡ and has settled in more than 180 international high-end brands, bringing guests a pure European exquisite shopping experience.
Rich and diverse lifestyles grow infinitely on this lakeshore, and we expect more people to come to Yangcheng Lake to experience beautiful daily life.
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