Six major city complexes
Ongoing Department Store
Suzhou Ongoing Department Store officially opened on January 16, 2009, with a floor area of 171,000m2. It is the second department store built by Li Fu International Group Co., Ltd. in China after Shanghai Ongoing, and it is also the largest department store in Suzhou. It enjoys the advantage of geographical location, is located in a high-consumption and noble location, and has convenient transportation. More than 500 brands have entered Suzhou Ongoing (among which more than 100 brands have entered the Suzhou market for the first time, and some have entered the Chinese market for the first time). Together with many international brands, they have proudly entered Times Square in Suzhou Industrial Park, injecting the charm of fashion metropolis into Suzhou and highlighting the inspiration of luxury life.
Shin Kong Place
Shin Kong Place is the largest supermarket chain department store in Taiwan. The development, located in the central business district of Suzhou Industrial Park, includes a 22-storey office building and an 8-storey shopping mall. The company is a joint venture between Japanese department store chain Mitsukoshi and Taiwan's Shin Kong Group. In 2007, the company's first department store chain in China was set up in Beijing, with a building area of 180,000m2, followed by the establishment of a second branch in Chengdu, China.

Sheng Yu and Shin Kong Place promoted a consulting project to provide project management services for its comprehensive business development project in Suzhou Industrial Park.
Harmony Constellation
Harmony Constellation is positioned as an international ecological sloping urban complex in CBD. Harmony Constellation is connected with Ongoing Department Store in Harmony Times Square through an air corridor, which is a large-scale urban complex project integrating Harmony Shopping Center, Harmony Office Building and Harmony International Apartment. Hanging gardens, green plants on roofs, mountain rock walls, waterfall terraces, ecological slopes and park-style landscape properties provide unique charm of natural ecological experience lifestyle. Harmony Constellation Project sits on the bustling city lake view of Jinji Lake, which has high appreciation potential.
Chengpin Bookstore
Suzhou Chengpin Bookstore officially laid the foundation stone on May 27, 2011. It is also the first branch of Chengpin Bookstore in Taiwan Province in mainland China. Located on the east bank of Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park, adjacent to InterContinental Hotel, it will become a creative platform integrating culture, performance, art, commerce, sightseeing and talent cultivation, and it is a cross-border comprehensive effect. The project was completed in 2014.
Suzhou Center
Suzhou Central Plaza Project is located on the west side of Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park, adjacent to the Oriental Gate. It consists of 10 buildings, including one 500m and one 450m super high-rise building, seven 100-200m high-rise towers and one large commercial building, with a total investment of about 28.5 billion yuan.

Suzhou Central Plaza is located at the core of Suzhou CBD, and Rail Transit Line 1 and Line 6 run through the whole project area. The whole project covers an area of 21.1 hectares, with a net land area of 13.9 hectares and a total construction area of about 1.82 million square meters, including 1.3 million square meters above ground and 520,000 square meters underground.
Suzhou Village
Suzhou Village (Yioulai) in Bicester is the first shopping village of "Bicester Shopping Village Series" in China. It is located in the beautiful Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Resort in Suzhou. Its design combines original Venetian elements and unique Chinese elements, and its architectural style refers to the characteristics of Kyle Polo era.

Overlooking a traditional water garden from the shopping avenue, you can feel the quiet and leisurely atmosphere. At present, Suzhou Village has gathered nearly 200 international and Asian famous fashion and lifestyle brand boutiques, and held diversified interactive art exhibitions all year round, so that guests can enjoy different fun every time they shop.
The tallest building in Suzhou is 499.15 m
--Suzhou Zhongnan Center
It is predicted that it will be capped in June 2023, which indicates that a world-class urban super complex will appear in the park.
The 14 th Five-Year Plan
Accelerate the construction of a new Suzhou city center facing the future. The future spatial layout of the park is one core, two axes, three centers, four areas and multiple points, among which the cooperative park is the key development.
Planning of the park in the next 15 years
"Building a world-class high-tech park and creating a new highland for reform and opening up in the new era" will build Suzhou Industrial Park into an internationally competitive high-tech industrial park and a modern, landscaped and internationalized new city.
Among them, Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort
Focusing on the development of modern high-tech industries, the corporate headquarters base will be built into a regional gateway hub led by scientific and technological innovation, and the Sino-Singapore Ecological Science and Technology City will be upgraded to an innovative industrial highland empowered by scientific and technological elements.

Disclaimer: The information source "Planning for Building a World-class High-tech Park (2020-2035)" ultimately needs to be subject to government publicity, and the Company does not assume the responsibility for the discrepancy between the project periphery and the planning.