Club entrance area-solemn and elegant homecoming ceremony
Along the winding and beautiful lakeside avenue, the sparkling lake water in the distance sets each other off with the dense natural pines and cypresses.
From the outside to the quiet park, put aside the glimpses of the world, and let the residents travel through the magnificent scenery every time they return.
100m Shuianxiangti-Natural symphonic integration
Italian Songbai Avenue creates Yangcheng Lake Visual Corridor, with tall and neat pine and cypress trees standing proudly on both sides of the Avenue from top to bottom,
Exquisite statues that meet head-on are opposed to the Long Corridor.
The lake water in the distance sets off against each other, making the scenery of the manor art of its own.
Joint Building Community--Jumping Romance and Rhythm
Taking the dense tree avenue as the main line, carefully carve every tourist line;
Interspersed with fitness parks, sunny lawns, Gallery frame living rooms and other activity fields, the flowing water reflects green clusters and flowers, and is permeated with leisurely romantic sentiment everywhere.
Sunken atrium-immersive communication space
The sunken leisure atrium on the penthouse provides a better carrier for bosom friends to talk and have fun.
Tree bowls are placed around, forming a landscape corridor with both practicality and appreciation.
Confined to this, a delicious meal, a chat, sink into a moment's freedom, and explore a more artistic daily life.
Design technique
In the overall architectural design, we pay attention to order and proportion, and the team undergoes rigorous facade and plane deconstruction.
Inherit the systematic elements such as column, arch eyebrow and cornice from classical architecture, and refine and reshape the traditional Italian style.
Precious stone
Selected Hubanhuang Marble, Beirut, Egypt and White Sands, Turkey,
Carefully inherited the traces of time, craftsmanship and individuals, and its thick stone texture is worth pondering for a lifetime without fear of the passage of time.
Architectural line
Following the classic three-section facade, the proportion between the base, waist and roof is strictly stipulated, showing a stable, fine and permanent classic temperament.
The vertical lines and horizontal lines of the facade are bones, and the texture with staggered longitude and latitude conveys unique aesthetic temperament.
Elegant doors and windows
High arc arch, romantic aerial flower gallery, exquisite wrought iron fence... rich gardening language, all with a strong Mediterranean architectural style;
Exquisite craftsmanship and elegant temperament are more like beautiful works of art.